Since Sumaqkay was founded, we have grown to be a family of talented men and women, who share the same passion for Peruvian textile art and love for our culture. We are proud to have the opportunity to show the world Peru’s incredible handmade textiles, which have been a fundamental part to our pre-columbine history.

The male artisans in our team work in our workshop located in Paracas. They are the hands and heart behind the incredible fabrics that are later transformed into handbags and home décor items. The finishings and ornaments, such as our traditional tassels, are done by the wonderful female artisans. They divide their time between our workshop and their homes, where most of them are single parents. This flexibility allows them to take care of their children and still be able to work.

In order to create a deeper impact in our community, we organize several weaving workshops during the year to attract young boys and girls who are interested in learning more about this art. This way, we procure that the knowledge in design and techniques is passed onto younger generations.