"We are passionate to create the most exquisite handmade products, using unique textiles woven with love and pride by artisans from Peru. Through our products, we hope to connect our customers to Peruvian culture and to our talented team that makes each weave a piece of art." 

- Patricia & Alejandra Benavides Mother & Daughter, Co-Founders of Sumaqkay 

Sumaqkay was founded in 2007, but our story goes way back to 1985 in a small town called Santa Cruz-Paracas in the coastal deserts of Peru. 

In 1985, Peru was afflicted by social, economic and political chaos. Terrorist groups threatened the most vulnerable communities in the high Andes, and this forced men and women to run away from their homes. 

Most of the people who lived in the highlands made a living from farming and weaving. Running away from terror and fighting for a better future, they migrated to the coast to work as farmers - starting a new life in an unknown place was sweet and sour. Even though the future seemed brighter in the coast, weaving, which was part of their identity and pride, was lost behind. 

Sumaqkay first started as a social project to help bring back weaving into the lives of those who had left this art behind. We started organizing workshops for anyone who was interested in weaving. We borrowed one small loom and provided with enough threads, so that after their long day of working in the farms, they could go to the workshop and reconnect to their roots. 

When we realized the incredible talent of these weavers, we decided to found Sumaqkay, and give artisans the opportunity to do what they love the most. We decided not only to provide this artisans with better living conditions, but also to empower them by helping improve the quality and designs of the textiles.